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  • Be able to run about with the grandchildren?

  • Live independently for as long as possible?

  • Improve your overall health & ward off age-related aches and pains?

  • Strengthen up and improve your balance so as to prevent falls?


As we age, we lose muscle and bone mass, but a lot of our balance, strength, endurance and flexibility is simply lost through inactivity as opposed to ageing. So basically you can’t use your age as an excuse 😉 I've recently been working with both and 80 and a 90 year old, who have really seen the benefits to their flexibility, strength and general ability to move!

It's also never too late to start. Don't be daunted by taking up exercise later in life. We can work at your pace - you don't need to spend too much time to see and feel the improvements. I can help you regain your confidence and put that spring back in your step.

Improve your strength, improve your health, reduce your risk of falls and stay independant as long as possible!


I offer a convenient, safe service where I can come to your own home so you’re in a familiar and comfortable environment. You are also more than welcome to come to me too.

The exercise programme is all personalised to your requirements, so you don’t have to keep up with someone else and we can focus on key areas that maybe need more work than others. There will be some strength training as well as mobility and flexibility work, all which will help improve you health, reduce the risk of falls and improve your range of motion (so you can still walk up and down the stairs for example!)

Initially we will have a consultation chat about your past and present health and fitness before discussing goals and your overarching reasons why you want to do this. With regular measurements and progress checks, I can modify the programme to any improvements made.

If you'd like to discuss options then get in touch.


I can offer tailored exercise sessions to care home residents – chair or standing exercises dependent on the ability of the participants.

Please get in touch if you'd like to add this to your home schedule and we can discuss options to suit your residents

I don't currently offer senior fitness group classes to the general public for this age group, but would be happy to consider. So, if you have a group of friends you think might be interested then get in touch and I can see what I can do!