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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with just midlife women? No. Over my time as a trainer I’ve worked with late teens who want to get into the emergency services, twenty-somethings wanting to balance out their partying with a healthier lifestyle, pre and post natal women, men who want to get rid of those ageing aches and right up to the 94 year old wanting to keep her independence. I’m happy to work with you wherever you are on your journey, but let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit.


Do I need equipment? Some of my programmes/courses will require you to have some weights/bands. If you’re working with me in-person, I have all the equipment we need so will have it available in our sessions. If you’re working with me 121 online and don’t have equipment then I can create a bodyweight programme (plus we can be creative with items from around the house!).

Do you work with beginners? Yes. I work with all starting points and will help you progress so you feel confident and strong.


When and where do sessions happen? Some of my offerings are done online, some are fully flexible so you can pick your time, others are at set times. In-person sessions can happen at your home/ garden or mine, or in a local green space. Class timetable 


How long do you recommend we work together? If you’re interested in getting results and are ready to commit to personal training then I always recommend starting with a 12 session package. This is a long enough time to start seeing the results. If you want to just try out and see if it’s for you then I can do a 6 session package. I will however caveat that with the fact that it’s not really long enough to see any big changes, although it does greatly depend on how much you put into the programme outside of our time together.


How much support do I get? That depends on which service you select. It ranges from self-paced courses, to full accountability with my personal training. Speak to me about your requirements and we can see which might work for you.

How much does it cost to work with you? Again that depends on the service. I have some free challenges, some low priced time-specific courses (ranging from £25 to £60), Pilates classes (from £8-10 a class), Online personal training (from £105-145 per month), focused Power hour (£120) and in-person fitness coaching (various options but an example would be £690 for a 12 session package) and my online 12 week signature Midlife wellness 121 coaching (£1500).

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