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Training with Fit Ball


Doing live sessions isn't the only way you can work with  me. Likewise, fitness isn't the only way I can help. I want to give you all the tools you need for a healthier life, so here you'll fine different ways of working with me, from nutritional help to kick starter programmes and plenty of workouts you can do at home.

On-demand access

Info about how to sign up to on-demand workouts

If you have neck tension from sitting at a desk so much, or you get random strains from doing very little, or you simply feel a little creaky, this 6 day programme is for you.

Simple moves to easily add to your day that will make the world of difference to your flexibility and mobility

Fitness on Yoga Mat

This 5 session self-paced course is perfect for complete beginners or anyone who needs a refresher. Taking you back to basics to ensure you're getting the right breathing, the right positioning and teaching you how to really listen and understand the way your body moves

Healthy Food

Perfect if you've not been active recently (maybe through injury or pregnancy etc) or you're completely new to fitness. This 14 day programme provides you with daily motivation, a variety of workouts, as well as a 7 day meal planner, recipes and shopping list

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