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How to embrace the power of a positive mindset

The menopause, although being talked about a little more nowadays, is still pretty much an unknown to many of us. You’ve no doubt heard about the hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings, but other than that you’re probably not that prepared. After all it’s still an age away right (I still like to think I’m in my early 30’s!)

What you do hear about menopause is probably on the negative side. Now I’m not saying your experience is going to be all rosy (it’s different for every single one of us), but negativity breeds negativity. Being prepared and positive about this next stage of life can really help you. It’s important to realise that although there may be some bumps in the road ahead, we can control certain things and ultimately, it will pass….

So how can we start embracing a more positive life:

Become more body/mind aware

Knowing exactly what your body is doing will really help you pin point any disruptors in your life and ultimately help you control things. An example here is - if you know that the day after jogging you feel lower back pain for example, you’ll then know that you need to look at that activity (the disruptor). Is it the right one for you or is there something you can tweak – maybe change the pace or distance?

What I would highly recommend is journaling every day. I tend to take note of the exercise I’ve done, how I feel and any aches I have, whether I had alcohol, how my sleep was last night and if my nutrition was off point. Not only will you be able to see any patterns and those disruptors, but you’ll also have something to refer back to (useful when seeing a Dr) so you can see how long certain symptoms have been going on.

Move your body

Movement is medicine for the body! Get out in the fresh air, do a gym session, dance round the kitchen. Whatever your movement of choice, it will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face as those endorphins make you feel happy!

Nourish yourself

What you eat can really affect your moods. Those high sugar processed foods are going to send you on a roller-coaster with your energy levels. Whereas a plate full of freshly cooked nutritious and tasty food is going to make you feel fuller for longer, more satisfied and hopefully give you the right energy to deal with the day. Equally a bowl of hot soup on a cold day, can be the comfort you may need.

And stop (self care…)

Stopping and making yourself a priority can make a real difference. Eliciting that relaxation mode, will help your body relax, calm your mind and bring out positive feelings. It can even help reduce symptoms such as insomnia, PMS and hot flashes, in part because the ‘stress’ isn’t there, getting us worked up.

Stay connected

You don’t need to do this alone. So many other women will be going through this at the same time, so get the support and advice you need and let’s give this conversation more momentum! AND, let your family know what’s going on – share what’s happening to you, so they can help where needed and just stay clear out of your way when needed too 😉

Find a purpose/ reset your goals

This is a great time of reflection and inspiration, so use this time to work out what makes you happy and ditch the stuff that’s holding you back. Menopause is a time of unpredictability, so find something that you can control in the way of a personal goal. Maybe find a new hobby, do some volunteering or simply find a healthy habit to work on. Having something that fills you with passion and isn’t about reacting to symptoms, will certainly give you something positive to focus on.

Take charge

Overall, don’t let menopause drag you down. Take control of your journey and do what you can to make it a positive one. I realise that a positive mindset and creating healthy habits isn’t going to work for everyone or indeed sort out all ailments. It would be great if it did, but it’s a good start and regardless of what route you wish to go down, this way of thinking will definitely help to some extent!

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