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Stop flitting and get focused

personal training


Stop flitting and get focused.

Every year is the same.

January comes around and we make a resolution to improve our health and fitness – this time – this time we will do it “properly”.

But “properly” adds up, in time and money.

Properly” involves more than one type of activity and therefore different classes with different people at different prices or a do-it-yourself gym membership.

Properly” involves a combined nutritional and movement approach.

Properly” involves making lifestyle habit changes and holding ourselves accountable.

Properly” is tricky, which is why so many people give up after the first few weeks.

This is why I have designed “properly” in one programme, at one price point, with one person!

If you are:

  • · A woman aged 35-55

  • · Easily bored with monotonous exercise routines.

  • · Tired of your own excuses not to prioritise your “whole” wellbeing.

  • · Needing the personal touch and accountability.

  • · Wanting 2020 to REALLY be the year you make the change.

Then my 12-week programme is the all-round answer:

  • · 3in1 – cardio, strength (weights) and flexibility (Pilates)

  • · Weekly 1:1 sessions (12 sessions in total)

  • · Monitored “At home” workouts for in-between sessions.

  • · Nutrition Advice

  • · Progress Checks, support and accountability.

Designed to get your heart racing, your muscles strong and your body flexible, ensuring a full body workout that both stimulates and challenges you.

  • · Starting w/c 6 Jan

  • · Only 5 spots available

  • · Total £547 (deposit £100 secures your spot with a payment in January of £447)

  • · Payment Plan Available (Three payments of £185 – December, January & February)

Don't join the gym this January, get more accountability, more personalisation and more variety with me.

Contact me to talk through whether this is the right approach for you.

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