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How could you better spend your gym membership fee this January?

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Don’t waste your money on a gym this January. You could be putting it to much better use!

Gym prices do admittedly vary a huge amount from the budget gyms at your £20 pm mark right up to the exclusive chains for over £100 pm. Naturally you get what you pay for. But, if you went for one of the ones round here, say you spent £85 pm let’s look at how that pans out:

In January you’re on it – you head there 5 times in a week, meaning your average cost per use is £4.25. Great value there – quids in.

February, your motivation slips a little but you still manage 2-3 times a week – average cost increases to £7-10. Still not too shabby.

But then after a few months you get to the point where you fall out of love with the gym. Maybe you haven’t seen the progress you were hoping for, or you simply get bored of forcing it into your life. You maybe make it a couple of times a month – just because you feel you need to make use of the membership. Ave price over £40 per session. Not great eh?

A lot of gyms tie you in to a certain period of time and you pay via direct debit so you just get used to an amount coming out of your account. Many people even forget about it, but look at how much you’re wasting! Say you barely go to the gym for 9 months of the year, that’s nearly £800 you’ve just wasted. For that amount of money a personal trainer (like myself 😊 ) could help by giving you a personalised programme, that gets you the results you need, along with the motivation and support to keep you going. £800 would get you over 16 hourly sessions with me and you’d see more benefit from that than from a year of sporadically going to the gym.

Maybe you like throwing money away, or maybe you’re dedicated and are determined to go consistently all year, but if you know that membership is likely to go to waste a few months down the line then have a think about putting that money to better use 😊


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