Foods to eat for smartness

November 18, 2016

Want to get that grey matter working and keep it in tip top shape? Then these foods are what you should be including in your diet:


  • Salmon - helping the brain with omega 3 fatty acids - boosts your problem solving ability! 

  • Dark choc - loads of flavanols which increase the blood supply to your brain 

  • Oranges - vitamin c will help your mental agility 

  • Spinach - vitamin K which is thought to help protect your brain as you age 

  • Green Tea - helps with concentration and keeping your mind sharp 

  • Museli - zinc rich memory boosting oats 

  • Eggs - fuel your neurotransmitters helping with work/number recall 

  • Strawberries - help coordination and concentration. 


If you want any help on your nutrition, then I offer an EatFit service where I look at your food diary and give recommendations on how you can change your diet to improve your nutrition. Included in some of my personal training packages as well.

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