Days 13-18

December 21, 2015

DAY 13


Obviously this is the time to have a few bubbles, but don’t forget that the sugar content of most alcoholic drinks is extremely high (7 calories per gram) – carbs and protein are 4 per gram!). It has the same effect on fat as carbs do – by suppressing fat oxidation it enables fats to be stored with ease. Eek. Your body puts metabolic processes on hold until it has processes alcohol – basically your body stops burning fat


DAY 14

Squat routine

30 sec plie squats – 30 sec pulse – 20 secs pulse each leg – 20 frog jump – 20 secs regular squats



View my Yourtube video


DAY 15

Stay motivated – chart your progress (take measurements - thighs, biceps, stomach, hips). If you can see the changes that are regularly happening, you’ll be more inclined to carry on. Although don’t get too obsessive – do every 4 to 6 weeks.


Don’t get too het up when you fall off the rails – as long as it isn’t a regular ocurrance it’s fine. Its not an all or nothing proposition so give yourself a break – you’re more likely to stick to a regime long time that way


DAY 16

Pelvic Floor - so it’s not just the muscles you see most on the outside, but the ones inside that you need to keep active.


Yes, pelvic floors are commonly associated with pregnancy (you hear a lot about it during this time!), but in actual fact we should all be doing them all the time (men too). They are admitedly weakened during pregnancy, but they still weaken over time and can lead to incontinence in later life - no-one wants that do they? So keep up with the exercises! My blog on the subject



DAY 17

Hormones and fat loss connection


Cortisol (the stress hormone) is increased by lack of sleep, over exercising/ constantly exercising over long periods. If your levels are high, your stomach will hold body fat


Insulin (controller of blood sugar in liver, muscles and fat cells). Sustained high levels of insulin means our immune system becomes less sensitive to insulin and body fat increases as we become pre-diabetic


DAY 18 - Fri

My favourite exercise - the plank. This is my favourite, not because it’s the nicest exercise ever (it’s not), but it does work a great many muscles and is amazing for the core. In life most of us spend a lot of time hunched over a desk so our postures are not as good as they could be. Having a strong core (abs and back) will improve your spinal alignment and in turn your posture. It will naturally help strengthen and tone your abs. What’s not to like about that?! Aim for a minute a day


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