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Coping over Christmas when pregnant

How to cope over Christmas when pregnant

Some tips and advice to make sure you stay fit and healthy over this manic season:

Enjoy your food. Turkey is safe as long as it’s properly thawed and cooked through so get your fill of this protein and the lovely veggies to go with it (great for fibre and those constipation issues). Avoid home made ice cream/ meringues / mousse as there’s likely to be raw egg involved. Take care when choosing from the cheese board.

Don’t stress out. Everything’s a bit of a whirlwind, so rope others in to help, especially when it comes to shopping - going out in the crowds isn’t the best idea. Order online if you can.

Put your feet up. Our feet can swell in pregnancy so make sure you take regular breaks

Avoid heartburn which is common in pregnancy. Don’t eat too much (eat little and often) and stay away from too rich/ fatty / chocolatey / spicy foods. Don’t eat close to bedtime either.

Don’t overdo it. Too many late nights will make you even more tired than pre-pregnancy. Get enough sleep.

Treat yourself. Get your family to treat you to pamper gifts or even just take time out to relax in the bath.

Keep active. Make sure you get out and about, as much for the exercise of walking about, but also for the fresh air.

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