What exercise is best for you?

October 7, 2015

This all depends on your goals, your likes and dislikes and your level of fitness currently, but here's some ideas:

Goal: Lose weight
Fitness Level: beginner to intermediate
Try some Zumba - doesn't matter if you're a bit uncoordinated as it's the effort that counts here.

Goal: Lose weight
Fitness Level: intermediate to advanced
Try spinning. It's quite intense and get the heart rate really going, so needs a decent level of cardio fitness to start with. Make sure you get the right class though as they do vary massively!

Goal: build and tone muscle
Fitness level: intermediate to advanced
Try CrossFit. Great to help you jump higher, run faster and improve overall sports performance

Goal: build and tone muscle
Fitness level: beginner to intermediate
Try a kettle bells class. A total body workout that helps strengthen muscles and improve endurance

Goal: performance and endurance
Fitness level: intermediate to advanced
Try Boxing boot camp. For full cardio, strength and stamina. Tightens your core and improves you speed and agility.

Goal: flexibility
Fitness level: intermediate to advanced
Try a Barre class. Dance conditioning using a ballet- bar. Limber up without bulking up

Goal: improve overall health
Fitness level: all
Try Yoga. Great for flexibility, posture and good mix of mind and body conditioning. Different styles of yoga to suit all levels

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