Best foods to eat during pregnancy

August 28, 2015


So much conflicting information out there! I have a sheet (what vitamins you need and what not to eat) that I give all new mums-to-be who sign up to my BumpFit class and I can happily share this if you want. Just drop me a line. But, here is a 'top 10' of things you could be enjoying:

  • Eggs - there are 12 vitamins and minerals in an egg. It's low calorie and they're an egg-selent (!) source of protein and omega 3's which are essential for baby's growth

  • Beans - great for fibre, which if you suffer from constipation, this can help and relieve issues

  • Sweet potatoes - good for vitamin's A (eyes, skin, immune system) and C (protecting cells and healing

  • Greek Yogurt - loads of protein and calcium for growing bones. Go for the full fat.

  • Popcorn and other wholegrains - way better than refined white bread/pastas etc, everyone should be going wholegrain! High in fibre and lots of nutrients such as Vit E and Selenium. Try Quinoa as a rice substitute (yum)

  • Salmon - another one for protein and omega 3's. Go easy on oily fish though (due to the mercury content) - no more than 12 ounces a week

  • Walnuts - a handful makes a great snack. The richest source of plant based omega 3's, so good if you're vegetarian or vegan

  • Dark green leafy veg - for vitamins A, C and K as well as folate

  • Lean meats - turkey, chicken, pork. If buying red meat look for the 95-99% fat free versions. Rich protein source

  • Rainbow veg - At least 3 of our 5 a day should be veg and by having ones that are different colours, you will get the widest variety of nutrients


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