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Run Forrest Run

I've always wanted to do a marathon. I'm not sure why though, as I have never really enjoyed running!! I think it's more that I can say to my grandkids that I've done it. Silly I know! Anyway, going from a standing start to a marthon isn't the best idea, so I thought I'd work up to it with a half marathon first. So, I'm signed up to the Royal Parks one in October. I actually did this ages ago with the intention of starting my training early and working up to it gradually. This didn't exactly happen, but I still gave myself 3 months to get int he groove, so not too bad.

I've done myself a plan (started it a few weeks ago), so I'm doing 3 runs a week and mixing it up between long ones, hill / speed runs and some medium paced 5km's. All going well so far and last night I did my longest run since way before I had my child (prob 3-4 years ago) - 9km. I didn't need to rest or walk and my lower back (another story) amazingly didn't bother me. Admittedly I was thinking I'd much rather be in the garden, in the sun with a glass of vino but I am proud that I turned that down and got my trainers on!

Everyone says that going above the 10km mark is the hard bit so not sure I'm looking forward to my next few runs! ahhh

If anyone wants to sponsor me, I'm running for the great charity Scope - you can donate here Thanks in advance

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