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I'm sweet enough....take 2

Ok, so you've probably seen my posts about detoxes I've done recently and are wondering why the hell she's trying another, and why can't she stick to one? Well, the two before this were fairly extreme and were basically experiments to see what they did - very little it seemed. And, although I generally practice what I preach (eating healthy balanced meals) my downfall is snacking. I still do 3 days a week freelancing in an office and this environment has far too many temptations! On other days I rarely eat between meals, but the constant appearance of cakes and biscuits from team members is hard to resist. If the food wasn't there then I wouldn't be bothered, but days where there aren't any sweets food stuffs are few and far between.

So, my challenge to myself (and to give my insides a break from all the sugary fatty mess) is to go totally cake / biscuit / sweets / chocolate free for as long as I can - I'm aiming for a month! Our diet choices are 'habits' and it's said that a habit can be changed in about 10 days. So there you have it, that's my minimum!! As usual I'm driven by intrigue - to find out if this is indeed true, as I really feel the effects of sugar (mouth full of ulcers and numb tongue if I over indulge) and I really don't like it. I want to be able to say 'NO'.

So this is day one and I'm armed with my healthy snacks so at least I have alternatives if the cake comes out! Wish me luck

I will of course update on my progress......

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