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28 day strength 

training programme


Are you looking for more confidence, more energy, less anxiety and less busy-ness in your life?

Work and life are a juggle and can be stressful, particularly now when things are changing every day and we don’t quite know what we can and can’t do from one day to the next! 

With this in mind, this 28 day strength training programme is for women who want to get more structure into their life and indeed get back on track with their health and fitness. 

So are you ready to:

  • Get back in those beloved skinny jeans or that favourite Christmas party dress?

  • Deal with those family and work logistics feeling happier and with more vitality?

  • Feel strong physically and mentally?

Get strong
  • Choose from a mix of live and on-demand workouts, that will easily fit in your day and around your commitments

Get energised

Join the private community with its weekly challenges and fun activities to help you build healthy habits

Get calm 

Live chats, advice and educational posts to help you optimise your midlife, without adding to the


If so, this is what will help you get there:
Who's this for?
  • Women who want to up their fitness levels and feel amazing

  • Women who want to live their best life and not let life pass them by in a blur

  • Women who want to be a fit and healthy role model for their children

  • Women who want to be prepared for all that midlife and the menopause may throw at them


“I loved Sarah’s programme, it was easy to fit into my working day which is particularly important for me.”


“I really enjoyed the Lift Lean programme with Sarah! A great mix of daily exercises and community chats! I was motivated throughout the week. Thanks Sarah”


Starts Monday 2 Nov

just £60

Don't forget this is what you get:

2 live workouts each week

Live chats on nutrition, stress, sleep & more 

On-demand workouts

A private supportive community

Weekly goals and challenges

Accountability and feedback from me

Who am I and what do I know?

I’m Sarah Wässer and I’m a personal trainer and Pilates coach, who is passionate about helping women navigate the trials and tribulations of midlife! I’m at the same stage of life, with a lot of the same struggles, so I know how important it is to stay healthy and strong, to ensure we’re ruling midlife and not letting it rule us!

Find out more about me and my services on my website

28 day programme: 



Is this just for women? Yes it is. If you’d like to work with me, I’d be happy to chat with you about alternative options


Do I need weights? Ideally you need kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell or things that you can fashion into a weighted object! There are plenty of options using just household items.


When and where does this happen? It’s all being held online, so you can take part wherever you wish. You will need a Facebook account as the Live workouts and weekly chats will be on there. The on-demand workouts will be accessible on my website for which you will become a member when you sign up.


Do I need to do all the workouts and do I need to attend Live? All live workouts are recorded so if you can’t make it then they will be in the group to watch later. I am doing 2 live workouts and there will be 2 or more on-demand workouts released each week – ideally to get the most out of the programme you need to be doing at least 4 workouts a week. They’re only 15-20mins long so you should be able to find the time.


How much support do I get? I will be there to encourage and motivate you throughout the month. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, raise concerns and I will be there to answer. However, this isn’t personal training so there’s a limit to how much I can help on an individual level. For example, although I will give modifications, I will find it difficult to tailor exercises to specific ailments. If you want more personalised training then I would suggest you talk to me about personal training instead.


What happens at the end? I hope that, if you’ve followed my workouts and advice, that you will have got some results and hopefully have established some new healthy habits. You will have access to the Facebook group and the membership area for on-demand videos for 2 weeks after the programme ends. I will look to talk with everyone individually before the end to work out a plan of action for you, whether that be something else with me, or a totally different avenue.