Group work

One-to-one isn't the only way you can work with me. Likewise, fitness isn't the only way I can help - I want to give you all the tools you need for a healthier life, so here you'll find different ways of working with me: from nutritional help to kick starter programmes to the Lift Lean CLUB.


Perfect if you’ve not been active recently or are completely new to fitness. With this 14 day programme you’ll get daily emails with motivation and workouts to do in your own time, along with a 7 day meal planner, recipes and shopping list (all simple to prepare with no obscure ingredients) Find out more


Not your run-of-the-mill membership site where you're left to your own devices! This strength training membership gives you workouts that will easily fit round your other commitments, accountability from me and other members of the community, as well as loads of other useful stuff to help you boss midlife! Get the personal touch, but without the 121 PT price tag Find out more here


Are you feeling bloated? Do you lack energy? Are you exercising lots but not seeing the fat loss? It could be down to what you're eating, how much or how little you're eating, or simply the timing of meals. When it comes to fat loss for example, it's important to balance your exercise with your diet - one without the other won't give you the results you want. If you're a personal training client of mine then we will look at your nutrition as part of the programme, but if not, I offer EatFit: a Food Diary Analysis service. I provide you with a food diary to fill in for 7 days (be honest!) which I will then assess. I will look at how it fits in with overall nutritional guidelines (are you getting the right amount of good fats, carbohydrates etc) and will recommend both small and large changes you can make to your diet to achieve the goals you have. I'm passionate about food but I'm not into specific diets, as I believe in a balanced diet and not depriving yourself of certain food stuffs. The more you deprive yourself of something you love, the less sustainable it will be to stay off it, and you'll just crave it more. My recommendations therefore will encourage you to eat better in the long term! I will help you get the best out of your diet!* COST: Just £25 Purchase via PayPal and I will send you the food diary as soon as I receive your order. *Please note: I am not a registered nutritionist and so my advice will be based on the general population - I am unable to help if you have any medical issues.