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March 29, 2018

40 days - it’s a long time! Especially when you cut out something that you’re used to having without restriction. I generally try giving up something every year for Lent. There’s normally something that you eat more of than you should, so it’s a great chance to get out of the habit of eating it for...

February 24, 2017

Next Tuesday is time to eat lots of pancakes – are you as excited as me? I just love them and yes, they can be healthy (unless you decide to chuck on the Nutella that is)! Are you just having pancakes for dessert or are you going all out and having it as main and dessert? I’m in the latter camp – a...

September 2, 2016

There are various reasons why you might not lose the weight you want or tone up as much as you want, and one of those is that you continue doing the same class/routine every week for weeks on end. Our body likes a challenge and if it gets used to doing one thing, it's going to get complacent. Those...

February 26, 2016

Some tips for improving your performance:

  • Tweak your technique gradually. It can take a while to get into the right running style. Think about running tall and with a slight lean forward - your whole body not just from the hips. Aim for a mid foot strike rather than landing on your heels to preve...

August 27, 2015

I lasted a full 22 days without refined sugars. Pretty good going I think! 


What did I learn? Well, I realised that there are loads of things out there that I eat that really have too much sugar in and that I really don't need them. There are plenty of alternatives out there. I learnt a lot about my...

July 8, 2015

Like everyone else I have my bad habits and can't resist the odd biscuit or sweet here and there. I personally don't believe in depriving ourselves of things we enjoy on a long term basis - moderation is key. Anyway, the other week I found myself in a charity shop and bought a copy of Gillian McKeit...

May 22, 2015

We're all human, and having 'weaknesses' when it comes to food and drink is normal, so when you have the odd blip in your normally healthy schedule don't let it bother you too much - it's totally natural. Instead, think about about why you did it, what spurred you to break your good routine and look...

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