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January 21, 2015

Sorry, I just realised I never posted Day 12 on my website. I hope you still managed to see it on Facebook or twitter. If not it was a lunge. 12 on each leg. Plus your other 11 days.


Not to worry if you didn't do this at the time. If you're new to exercising then this could be your 12 day introducto...

January 4, 2015

Day Eleven: arm circles


Stand in a nice upright position and have your arms out to your sides, at shoulder height. Do 11 circles forward and 11 back. Move both arms at the same time and gradually do bigger circular movements as you count up.

Nearly done. Only one day to go, so make them count....

January 3, 2015

Day Ten: Mountain climbers


Get into press up position and jog knees up towards your chin, alternating legs. Make sure your bum is kept down and in line with the rest of your body. Only your legs should be moving. Walk them in and out if you can't manage a bit of a jog. Do 10 on each leg, then days 1...

January 2, 2015

Day nine: Squats in a box.


For this you need to do a good deep squat and as you come up you jump round 90 degrees to your right, and keep going round as though you're jumping in a box shape. Jumping and turning 90 degrees after every squat. Give me 9 one way and 9 back in the opposite direction.



January 1, 2015

All the best for 2015. I hope it's a good one for you, your family and friends. xxx


Day eight: Bicycle legs

Another for those abs. Get a good twist when reaching elbow to knee. The closer to the ground you get your legs the more effective the exercise. Do 8 to each knee. Plus days 1-...

December 31, 2014

Day seven: Tricep dips

Find a bench to lean on or do on the ground. If new to this, keep your bum on the ground and simply lean back into it. Everyone else should have the bum up (and keep it up - it's about the arms bending not your torso!). 7 reps and then the other 6 days



December 30, 2014

Day six: Side lying leg lift

Lie on one side (balance head on your hand or lean on your elbow), with your body all in line and lift the top leg up and down. Do for 6 reps and swap sides. Then, as they're easy, do them 6 more times on each leg! Plus obviously the last 5 days activities.



December 29, 2014

Day five: V-sit up

Balancing on your bum, start by leaning back and your legs outstretched and then crunch legs into chest. 5 of these, 4 inchworms, 3 reverse crunches, 2 full press ups and one 30 second plank for today. P.s you don't have to close your eyes like I seem to have done in the photo!?


December 28, 2014

Day four: Inchworm

A silly name but 'inching' is the name of the game. Standing with feet about hip width apart, lean forward to reach the floor with your hands. Inch forward so you end up in a press up position (feel free to do a press up at this point if you wish!), then inch your way back and lift...

December 27, 2014

Day three: 3 reverse crunches

Lying on your back with both feet up in the air, engage your abs and lift your bum and feet up towards the ceiling.

Do 3 times, then do 2 full press ups and a plank

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